New Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2015 Cookbook : Review

1058EN_3629_Microsoft Team Foundation Server Cookbook

I read this book in one week, and it’s really interesting.
This is not a book of classic TFS, its cookbook approach makes it different from others.
This treats almost every theme TFS but also on key topics of DevOps as cotinuous delivery on TFS 2015, but most also applies to VSTS.
The topics addressed are presented in the order of using TFS:
Beginning with the creation of a project team, the management of source code for TFVC and Git.
Then he addresses topics within builds, tests and Release using the latest version of Release which is integrated with TFS (then Update 2 RC1 or VSTS)
Finally the last themes are managing the TFS and TFS extension part with APIs and customization of work item form.
All subjects in the form of cookbooks respond to real issues encountered daily when using or administering TFS.
This book is therefore aimed both to administrators, developers, or even at Ops.

I recommend you buy it, read it and practice each of these cases.

Tarun Arora annonce blog post

Free chapter is available here.

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Ebook C# .Net 2 et C# 2

Patrick Smacchia, éditeur de l’excellent outil NDepend, rend publique et gratuite la dernière édition de son livre “Pratique de .NET 2 et C#2

Patrick a été MVP C# à la suite de la publication des premières versions de ce livre dont l’originalité se situe dans les 647 exemples de code (oui, 647 !) qui illustrent chaque aspect du langage, par la pratique donc.

Sur la page de téléchargement vous trouverez la version anglaise et la version française du livre et des exemples : Pratique de .NET 2 et C# 2.